Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Getting Caught Up

I've finally finished going through the very first read-through of all of the submissions for NOI 3. Whew. Now, using the notes I made while plowing through the submissions, I need to send out responses to contributors letting them know if they've either made it to the "short-list" for final consideration, or if, unfortunately, I had to pass on their story.

I should be able to get some time within the next week to complete sending responses out to all contributors.

North of Infinity II is currently at Mosaic, and here's the first peek at the lineup of excellent stories you'll soon be able to read in it.

State of Disorder (Douglas Smith)
Pas de deux (Stephen Graham King)
Identity Factory (Andrew Weiner)
Shadows (Karen Danylak)
I Found Love on Channel 3 (Bruce Golden)
Metal Fatigue (Nancy Kilpatrick)
Son of Sun (A.M. Matte)
Lump (Robert H. Beer)
Confessions of Me: Betrayer of Humanity (Zohar A Goodman)
Forever (Robert J. Sawyer)
Sum of their Parts (Stephanie Bedwell-Grime)
Walter's Brain (Kimberly Foottit)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Mark - Sorry, I deleted your shortlist email - could you contact me again?


Adam Browne

2:01 AM  

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