Monday, March 06, 2006

North of Infinity III - Update

I've just sent a note out to the short-listed contributors to NOI 3: Parnassus Unbound.

Due to a combination of the delay in publication for NOI 2 as well as various other writing and editing projects that I have on my plate, I am pushing back my self-imposed deadline to make a final selection for stories for NOI 3.

I want to allow myself the proper time to make the final selection and not make hasty decisions. There is a wonderful collection of short-listed stories by some brilliant writers, and I want to give NOI 3 the proper respect and attention it deserves to pick the best possible combination of tales to be featured together.

If you have previously been identified as a contributor who made the "final selection" round of NOI 3 and didn't get my email, please contact me at

North of Infinity II - UPDATE

I've sent out a notification to the contributors to NOI 2 that while the publication date for NOI 2 has slipped, I have not yet confirmed 100% what the current expected publication date it.

If you are a contributor to NOI 2 and you didn't receive my email, please contact me at Thanks.