Friday, November 18, 2005

More News

Just a note to any NOI 3 contributors wondering if and why I haven't gotten back to them. While the reading period closed on Oct 31, 2005, I'm still working my way through the initial submissions.

If you haven't heard from me yet, you should within the next 3-4 weeks.

And for those contributors who have made it past the first selection round, I'm far from looking at the "final short list" of stories at this point -- final decisions on inclusion in the anthology likely won't happen until Jan/Feb 2006.

Thanks for your continued patience and your interest in North of Infinity.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

News & Stuff

North of Infinity III

The reading period for NOI 3 closed on October 31, 2005

There's certainly no shortage of high quality and wonderful submissions to North of Infinity III: Parnassus Unbound. I did a bit of a marathon session of readings, making notes for each tale, and am now starting to play catch-up on getting back to contributors. But I still am several weeks away from getting through the first read-through of submissions.

I've broken down and started using a basic "form letter" for both rejections as well as "further consideration" pieces (I'm holding the best submissions until after the reading period closes and making the final selection from the short-listed tales, picking stories not just based on their own merit, but also on how they fit together as a whole). While I'm not a fan of form letters, it's certainly helping me get caught up, and I hate keeping contributors waiting.

North of Infinity II

I'm in the process of doing the final read-through and edit for North of Infinity II: Plus ca Change. It's going well, I've received some up-to-date biographical sketches from contributors, but I still have a few to gather.

The timelines are that I should have the final ms over to Mosaic Press for mid-November, and the planned publication date within Canada for this antholgy should be early Winter 2006, with a U.S. release date of mid-summer 2006.

Guidelines For North of Infinity III: Parnassus Unbound

Reading period closed on October 31, 2005

Mosaic Press will be publishing the third installment in the North of Infinity anthology series in 2007.

Looking for science fiction that includes elements of or makes references to literature, music and the arts. Your story can focus on one of these elements in detail, or explore wider generalized concepts. For example, one story that has already been accepted is a tale that explores a theme William S. Burroughs made popular, the concept of language as a living entity.

Feel free to include elements of horror or fantasy in your story, just ensure the story is good and that it is science fiction. The intended result is an anthology that celebrates a passion for the arts with speculative fiction.

Some book length examples include: Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, Rand’s Anthem, McCaffrey’s Crystal Singer, Bear’s Songs of Earth and Power, Fforde’s The Eyre Affair, Shinn’s Archangel, Weiner’s Getting Near The End.

Preference will be given to stories written by Canadians or stories with some sort of connection to Canada (go ahead and be creative in stretching your association with Canada, I’d love to follow the “Six Degrees” you use if you’re a writer from elsewhere in the world). However, the key determination for acceptance will be good stories.

Include a cover letter that tells a little about yourself, and a bit about the story, perhaps your connection or the story’s connection to the theme. But please don’t give the story away – let me read and enjoy it on its own merits.

Word Count: 1000 - 6,000 words.
Query first for longer or shorter works please.

Reprints: No. Looking for original stories.
Reprints will be considered for exceptional stories that have been in limited circulation, but preference will be given to original works. Please provide publication history for any reprints.

Payment: 1 – 3 cents per word Canadian, up to $100 Cdn

Submissions: Submissions are accepted via email – RTF, Word or WordPerfect attached files in standard manuscript format will do. Email:

Submissions also can be sent via regular post. Include a #10 envelope SASE or International Reply Coupon with your disposable manuscript and send stories to:

Mark Leslie, Editor
1252 Speers Rd, Units 1 & 2
Oakville, Ontario L6L 5N9

Mailed submissions without sufficient return postage will be disposed of unread.

Reading Period: April 2005 – Oct 2005 Inclusive

Response Time: Will respond to submissions within 4-8 weeks. Email submissions will likely be responded to more quickly.If your story falls into the “maybe” category for acceptance, it’s likely to be held until the reading period closes, but you will be notified.