Sunday, October 15, 2006

NOI 3 - Selection Update

After some long and hard deliberation, I'm going to be finishing off the final selection for North of Infinity 3. I'd been toying for a few months now with the idea of holding some of the final selection stories that won't make it into NOI 3 for NOI 4. But there were too issues with that. One, the theme would have been too close to the theme for NOI 3, which, although I love the theme, I'm not comfortable with. Two, at the rate these books are actually getting published, NOI 4 might not be out until 2009, and that's working way too far into the future for my preferences.

At this point, if Mosaic Press is interested in doing a North of Infinity 4, I'll certainly edit it with an open submission reading and selection period (ideally, a much shorter delay between the submission and the selection), but I'll wait until North of Infinity 3 is actually out and on bookstore shelves or at the very least, the final galley edit is off my plate. And then, unlike the conflict of time that working on NOI 2 and NOI 3 simultaneously caused on my projected time lines for NOI 3, I'd be much more comfortable with a clean break between them.

So, in a nutshell, if you're one of the shortlisted contributors and you haven't heard from me, you will by the end of October.